Much of the quality of the service we provide is directly associated with the excellent quality of machines that we have, then a sample.

CNC division

Machining centers: Highly trained and equipped quality department. Measurement of piece in CMM (coordinate machine).

CAD-CAM technologythat allows us the design and subsequent exact manufacture of what our client requires.

Laser cut

Fiber optic laser cutting equipment with high technology. Ideal for cutting sheet thicknesses from 0.00 "to 5/16" thick, capable of cutting a wide variety of stainless and carbon steels, as well as aluminum in different alloys.


Bending machines, mechanical bending machine, CNC hydraulic bending machine of 200 tons of pressure, laser cutting machine, guillotine, are some of the machines with which we have for the manufacture of any figure of sheet metal.

CAD-CAM department for the design and development of the product

Sheet metal division

Wide variety of machines that accelerate and optimize jobs, machines such as presses, guillotines, laser cutters, punching machines, punching machines, among others.

Auxiliary machinery

Another very important factor that we have in MACHS is the complementary machinery, with the help of this we give our work a plus that makes the difference, machinery such as: profile roller, rolling mill, band saw, oxyfuel equipment, among others.


We also have welding equipment for all types of palette: electric arc welding, micro-wire welding, electric resistance welding.